Staying safe on a night out in Leeds & Areas to Avoid

Staying safe on a night out in Leeds & Areas to Avoid

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Staying safe on a night out in Leeds & Areas to Avoid

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July 13, 2016 8:31 am Published by
Leeds Skyline

As far as nights out go, Leeds is a city with a seemingly endless amount of options with new bars opening up every other week more or less. But, like all popular hotspots, it’s also a place that attracts its fair share of opportunists out to take advantage of anyone who may have let their guard down.

Simply knowing what to look out for will enable you to have your wits about you whilst still letting your hair down and enjoying your big night out.

Watch your drinks

Having your drink spiked can be a scary experience to say the least, but it’s one that can be quite easily avoided. Luckily, most people affected by this (usually women, but men are often targeted too) are rescued by friends before anything worse can happen, but the effects of the drugs themselves are unpleasant and have been known to kill victims.

For this reason, prevention is the best cure, so never leave your drink unattended and avoid having strangers buy you drinks. When walking through crowded areas, always be sure to cover your drink – it only takes a split second for someone to tip an illicit substance in. Also, be sure to stick with your group of friends and never leave unannounced.


Designer handbags, purses, wallets, watches and iPhones are the kind of items we like to take out with us into town, and why shouldn’t you? Just be sure to keep them safe from prying eyes or close to your person, as there are lot of thieves operating in popular Leeds hot spots.

Call Lane in particular is notorious for this, and the guys and girls are so good at it, you won’t notice anything missing until it’s too late! Register your valuables with Immobilise and help the Police to crack down on the criminals.

Areas to

Leeds city centre is very compact with all the major nightlife areas well-connected to one another, whether you choose to go by foot or taxi. The outskirts however are a different story, so try avoid any industrial areas or streets with poor lighting as attacks in such places are not unheard of.

For this reason, don’t walk home alone and always avoid walking along the River Aire, especially if you are less familiar with the city. Several people fall into the River Aire each year with most cases ending in tragedy, which has led to the ‘Don’t Drink and Drown’ campaign being launched.

Blind dates

With the likes of Tinder, Match and Plenty of Fish showing no signs of disappearing, blind dates are on the increase with many of us committing to nights out with complete strangers. Whilst most of these dates are harmless fun, taking a few simple steps allows you to keep safe.

It almost goes without saying you should never accept a lift on a date with a stranger and only meet in busy locations. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged when you venture out and tell your housemates where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.

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