Four Jobs Students Can Do On Campus To Earn Some Extra £££

Four Jobs Students Can Do On Campus To Earn Some Extra £££

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Four Jobs Students Can Do On Campus To Earn Some Extra £££

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June 26, 2016 10:13 am Published by
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As a student you may have intelligence, enthusiasm, and heaps of energy, but the one thing you may not have is money, which is unfortunately an essential resource for survival. Surviving as a student is getting harder, especially with the government scrapping the student loan and the £9,000 a year you have to pay just for the education. Therefore for most students a part-time job is necessary.

Luckily, there are jobs right outside your doorstep, on campus, so you don’t even have to spend money on transportation. Here are 4 available jobs you can find around your campus:

Student Union

Every university has a Student Union and it’s a great place to fish for a job. The Student Union’s job is to help students within the university, so it’s hardly surprising that they offer tonnes of jobs. For example, they usually run many bars and shops around campus which you can get part-time work in.

This would be great if you want to stay social whilst working and it’s a great opportunity to make meet new people at your university. However, if you’re more interested in a more one time job, they also offer things such as getting paid to help with fresher’s week or the society’s fair.

Junior Common Room (JCR)

Most universities, such as Leeds, Oxford, Reading – being just a few of them – have groups of students organised into a ‘common room’ called JCR’s or ‘Junior Common Room’. They are usually second year students – however some first year students can apply depending on the university – who provide representation in the organisation in student halls and student hall life.

They organise events within your halls, make sure you’re happy and healthy and show you the ropes on fresher’s week. In other words they’re like fun mentors or hall promoters! If you apply to become a JCR you get to stay in your halls at a discounted price within the 3 or 4 years of the course and also get paid to do the job. This is great if you enjoy the first year or ‘fresher’ lifestyle and want to keep it up whilst getting paid.

Student Ambassadors

By now you’ve experienced the joy of attending university open days, well the friendly people who show you around and answer questions about whether the accommodation has security, and whether the washing facilities are free are student ambassadors.

Students are recruited into a pool of staff that work on university events either on or off campus; this can include assisting at open days, student welcome events, HE fairs and conferences. You might also be asked to help out with setting up events and move boxes or putting up signs. Being a student ambassador is great if you want a job with variety which can also be really fun, it’s also another way of meeting new people.

Research Supporter

Being a research supporter is an easy way to get money and possibly learn more about your course in the process. Being a research supporter is exactly what it sounds like, it’s supporting academics when they are in the midst of tackling big research projects and need some extra help.

It’s a very varied job in terms of the tasks you can be asked to do as it depends on what is being studied or research. You can be doing tasks as easy as making notes, assisting in scientific experiments or answering questions that are part of a psychological experiment. It might not be the most entertaining job but it is an easy way of making that well needed and deserved money. Just go on your university’s website and see what they have to offer.


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