Finding your feet & feeling at home when preparing for University

Finding your feet & feeling at home when preparing for University

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Finding your feet & feeling at home when preparing for University

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August 4, 2016 3:01 pm Published by
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They say moving can be one of the most stressful things in life, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have made the big move, you can do lots of things to try and help your new place feel more like home.

The more a place feels like home and has all the things you need, the quicker you are likely to feel settled. Here are some helpful tips for people who have moved to a new home and need to settle and find their feet.

Your new home

Stamp your personality on your new place – You need to make sure that your new home truly represents you. As soon as you move in, get started on the interior decor and buy home accessories that reflect your personality. If your new home quickly feels like a place that belongs to you, then you are more likely to feel at home.

Bring objects that remind you of home – Although it’s not a good idea to bring lots of things that remind you of your old home because they might make you miss it too much, you can still bring a few familiar objects. For example, bring your favourite poster, painting, cushion or blanket. Bringing a couple of these objects will help you to feel at ease in a new environment.

Make sure your new place is well furnished – Decide whether you want a furnished or unfurnished place. If you go for unfurnished, make sure you have all the furniture you need in order to be comfortable in your new home. You might want to order things like a new sofa and bed in advance of your moving date so they arrive when you move in.

Choose carefully – Choosing a new property to live in is very important. If you want to feel at home, then you need to find a place to live that feels homely.

Find the right housemates, or if you prefer, live alone – Take some time to think about whether you would prefer to live with other people, or on your own. You need to feel comfortable with your housemates and if you don’t like sharing your living space, you may want to rent a private apartment.

Your new hometown

Explore your new hometown – As soon as you arrive, head out into town and spend some exploring. The quicker you get to know your new home, the sooner you will realise what it has to offer and feel more at home in the local area.

Find out where everything is – One of the best ways to find your feet in a new area is to get your bearings. Not knowing where things are can be very frustrating. Figure out where the most important things are such as your nearest supermarket, pharmacy and post office.
Get involved – Try and get involved with local activities, clubs and events. This is an excellent way to settle into a new town. You will get to meet lots of new people and get out and about on a regular basis.

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