5 of the best coffee shops in Leeds

5 of the best coffee shops in Leeds

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5 of the best coffee shops in Leeds

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November 8, 2016 12:52 pm Published by
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A lot has changed since we last wrote about coffee in Leeds – and that was less than two years ago. Things have got even better.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a student or a full-time coffee drinker, Leeds is where it’s at. Let’s have a look at some of the top places to grab a cup in this northern powerhouse of a city of coffee houses.

Mrs Atha’s

Central Rd, Leeds LS1 6DE

Located in the heart of the city, Mrs Atha’s is practically heaven for tea and coffee lovers.

Its setting is that of exposed brick walls and quirky décor. What’s more, its light menu is just the sustenance you’ll need, no matter if you’re starting a day of work or ending a day of shopping.


2, 7 Duncan St, Leeds LS1 6DQ

A coffee house with a heart, Cielo is redefining the sense of community. Its passion is to reduce loneliness in its local areas – and what better way to do that than with a great cup of coffee?

They roast their own specialty coffee and serve with it some of the most delicious cakes in the city.


9 Otley Rd, Leeds LS6 3AA

If you’re in the Headingley area, we’d put money on Whites being your favourite place to stop for a coffee. The brunch here is fantastic and the ambience is exactly as good as you would expect from a 21st century deli in the heart of Headingley, one of Leeds’ liveliest districts.

Even if you’re not in the Headingley area, this place is worth the journey.

Café Lento

21A North Ln, Leeds LS6 3HW

You’ll find another of Leeds’ finest coffee shops in Headingley in Café Lento. It’s one of the highest rated on Google and it’s very difficult to dislike.

Boasting live music as well as sublime coffee, Lento is legendary in its locality for its friendly staff and incredibly laidback attitude (lento, after all, means slowly). So, take it easy, won’t you?


8 Swinegate, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 4AG

As a café that offers not at-the-counter service, but very attentive table service, this coffee shop is a little different. It’s not brand new, but it’s often touted as the best coffee in Leeds and, well, it’s simply magnificent.

Moments is located yards from the main shopping streets of Leeds, but it’s quiet enough to enjoy a cracking cup of Joe and a memorably tasty meal. Get stuck in.

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