12 Types of Housemate You’ll Meet At Uni

12 Types of Housemate You’ll Meet At Uni

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12 Types of Housemate You’ll Meet At Uni

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June 30, 2016 10:13 am Published by
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When you live with other students at best student accommodation Leeds, you will come across many different personalities. In each student hall or house, there’s often a few types of housemate that you will come across. Here’s 12 types of housemate you may meet whilst at uni.

The Food Burglar

Beware, your food is never safe at uni! Whether they’re stealing a bit of your milk for their tea or a slice of bread for breakfast, the food burglar is sneaky and will always find ways to cover their tracks.

The Note Writer

The Food Burglar’s number one nemesis; The Note Writer will write a note for anything and everything. Watch out for passive aggressive post-its letting you politely know they’ve washed your pans/emptied the washing machine /picked up a cushion…

The Gap Yeah Guy/Girl

You’ll know this one from your first conversation with them. They’ve had ‘The Best Time’ on their gap yeah and can’t wait to tell everyone about it. Look out for conversation starters such as “This one time in (insert country)” or “That reminds me of this hilarious time in (insert country)”

The Hardcore Party Animal

Keeping up with this housemate can end in two ways; the worst hangover of your life or the best all-nighter you’ve ever had, probably including traffic cones or a shopping trolley at some point. Being in the next room can be awful however. Their bedroom will be party central. Wave goodbye to sleep for a year!

The Impossibly Cool Kid

You’ll spot this one hanging in the best restaurants in town, or sipping a Negroni Cocktail in a hidden away Speakeasy. They’ll be rocking an amazing vintage t-shirt that would look terrible on anyone else. They know the coolest places and they wouldn’t be seen dead grabbing a 2-4-1 deal anywhere. You’ll constantly ask yourself ‘How do they afford it on a student budget?’

The Book Worm

Believe it or not, some people actually go to uni to learn. This housemate is a library dweller and is always on time for every lecture. The Book Worm comes in handy on deadline dates, so get them to help you organise your timetable.

The Slacker

The Slacker came to uni for the ‘experience’. They scrape by doing the absolute minimum but would get an A+ for social activities. In fact they could even be repeating their first year – don’t let them drag you down the same slow path!

The Sport Freak

This housemate will sign up for the gym before even heading to Registration. Usually decked out in trainers and jogging bottoms, they are constantly active. You’ll probably meet them heading out for their 6am run as you get home from a club.

The Super Tidy one

This housemate is bound to have a hard time at uni. Although being a neat freak has its benefits when it comes to living in the ‘real world’, having to constantly pick up after the other housemates will eventually drive them mad.

The Mum/Dad

This housemate is always good to have around. Whether you need advice on how to boil an egg or a good hug and a shoulder to cry on, they’ll know just what to do. The Mum/Dad of the group will always make sure you get home from a night out with your coat, bag, shoes…

The Quiet One

You’ll wonder if this housemate actually lives with you. You receive their post and hear them go into their room but never actually see them. They’re most likely avoiding any social interaction.

The Bestie

The best person you’ll meet at uni. It may take you a while to fish them out of the crowd but you’ll definitely find a friend for life!

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