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Student Accommodation Through RentInc

Find out what makes RentInc Special and why Student Choose to rent with us

All-Inclusive Leeds Student accommodation through RentInc

Regardless of where and when you move into a new home, there’s always a sense of excitement in the air about how you plan on living there. However, other emotions come into play, with nervousness being one of them. You can never be too sure what’s going to happen and, when in a new city, getting used to your surroundings can take time.

With all that to take on board, the last thing you’ll want is to think about all the tasks that come as part of the package, namely sorting out all the direct debits for electricity, water, broadband and such. Then, there’s all the shopping for furniture and whatnot, along with contents insurance, which involves a lot of shopping around for the cheapest/best deal.

If you’re about to start the first year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, you’ll want to be focused on getting the right grades at the end; not on ensuring you don’t pay more than expected for your electricity bills! This is where RentInc’s all-inclusive properties come in.

All kinds of essentials and expenses are included in the rental costs, but what can you expect as part of the all-inclusive packages on offer in our wide range of accommodation in Leeds?

What is included in RentInc Student properties?

In each all-inclusive property managed by us, you can expect the following as part of the price of your weekly, monthly or quarterly rental costs:

  • Gas (where applicable), electricity and water bills - there is a fair usage policy involved however, where if you use more than deemed reasonable, you will have to pay an additional charge
  • Furniture - in most properties, this comprises of a sofa, chairs, tables/desks, a wardrobe, bed frame and chest of drawers
  • Electrical appliances - an oven with cooking hobs, fridge and/or fridge freezer, electric shower, washing machine and, in larger properties, a tumble dryer are all included. Smaller appliances such as toasters and health grills are not included. Many of our properties do come with a flat-screen TV; it’s best to have a viewing to find out
  • Contents insurance - a form of insurance that, in the event of theft or damage, will see you covered. This will ensure that whatever is lost gets replaced by something of equal value
  • Maintenance - if your property has a garden, we will maintain it for you, so there’s no need to get the lawnmower out!
  • Broadband - We’ve installed Virgin Media Business 100MB broadband into ALL our inclusive properties. We’ll provide you with an information pack on the day you move in and give you contact details for Virgin Media Business, if you experience any issues you can liaise with them direct.

What Type of Student Accommodation is Provided?

At RentInc, we provide many different types of accommodation, just for students who are studying in Leeds. They are as follows:

  • One-bedroom flats - if you want to live alone and enjoy some privacy while you revise, these are just the ticket. These are typically smaller than house-shares
  • En-suites - just like the accommodation you might find at a halls of residence, these consist of bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom and a shared kitchen, kitted out with all the essential appliances including a fridge freezer, cooker and washing machine
  • House-shares - ranging from two to 10 bedrooms, these properties are ideal for groups of friends or students all on the same course. They’re all fully furnished throughout and have spacious bedrooms for one or two housemates
  • Studios - similar to one-bedroom flats, albeit a little smaller, they offer the ultimate in open-plan living. A kitchen/lounge area comes with a bedroom space and an en-suite bathroom. Like all other RentInc properties, these are fully furnished

When choosing accommodation, make sure that it has enough room for all your belongings - clothes, gadgets, kitchenware and so on. If not, it’s worth moving into a more spacious property.

Securing your Student Accommodation through RentInc

If you like the idea of living in all-inclusive student accommodation in Leeds but are unsure of how to go about getting that place, here are a few simple steps to take before getting the keys to your new digs.

Get References and a Guarantor

To make sure that we know that you are, well, you and that you’re able to pay your own way for rent, we’ll need a couple of references and a guarantor, but what are they? References are people who aren’t relatives but can prove that you’re a responsible person - teachers and employers, for example.

Guarantors are people who can step in and pay rent on your behalf if, for whatever reason, you fall into arrears. They could be a friend or, more likely, mum and dad. For both references and guarantors, you must ask their permission before naming them

Get your Deposit Ready

While we pride ourselves on not charging excessive admin fees, we do request that you pay a small deposit in order to secure your new accommodation. This can be paid back once your tenancy expires with RentInc.

Signing a Tenancy Agreement

To put the seal on your new place, we will give you a contract that lists everything you need to know about renting with us. Once you’ve read through it, we will need signatures from you, your guarantor and references. As soon as you’ve all put your names on the dotted lines, you’re ready to move in!

If there is something that you don’t fully understand, feel free to talk to your letting negotiator, who works with RentInc to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal. They can answer any questions you have about the agreement in a simple way.

Who Deals with Repairs and Emergencies?

For all of our all-inclusive student properties, we have a company called Hive to tend to any repairs that are needed. Based in Leeds, if something breaks and needs to be fixed as soon as possible, they can come out to your flat and do whatever’s needed to ensure that whatever has gone wrong is put right.

Among the many things that Hive can do are:

  • Fix any leaking pipes
  • Repair any malfunctioning appliances such as washing machines and cookers
  • See to any faulty electrical wiring
  • Paint any walls that are in a state of disrepair
  • Tend to any plastering problems
  • Fix door locks that are not working

They are available during weekdays from 9am to 5.30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. While they’re closed on Sundays, they do have an out-of-hours emergency number that you can contact. Hit them up on 0113 224 4610 if you have something that urgently needs seeing to in your property.

Minor Housing Repairs

Small repairs are, in the majority of cases, the responsibility of the tenant. These tend to include such things as:

  • Broken handles for drawers
  • Light bulbs that need replacing
  • Stains that need removing from the carpet, floor or walls

If they take minimal time and effort to fix and you can make the necessary repairs yourself, Hive cannot help you. If, however, you’re unsure, it’s always worth getting in touch with them to see what they can do. Please note that if Hive are called out for anything that is your responsibility, you will be asked to pay a fee.

How to Report Repairs?

Reporting a repair is actually very simple. All you need to do is take the following steps:

Work out What the Fault is & Get in touch Immediately

If you see something wrong, make a note of it by writing it down and, as proof of the problem, take photos. This will help to make Hive’s job easier.

As soon as you’ve done that, the next step is to get in touch with Hive straight away. You can either give them a ring or send them a message on their website. When speaking to them, give your address so that they know which property is in need of repair(s).


After you’ve told Hive about your emergency, Hive will put it into one of three categories in order of priority:

  • Priority 1 - For such things as leaking ceilings, collapsed roofs and flood damage. Hive will come to your property within 24 hours of your enquiry
  • Priority 2 - For dripping taps, broken appliances or something similar that doesn’t pose an immediate danger to your flat/house-share, Hive will come out within five days
  • Priority 3 - For redecoration, broken furniture or something that’s minor in nature, Hive will come to you within 28 days of the initial phone call or message

The Repairs

Once they come to your property, it’s best to give the maintenance people at Hive room to carry out whatever repairs are needed. It’s possible that they’ll come when you’re out of the property, but they will let you know when they’ll be coming.

What's Next?

After the repairs have been done, Hive would like to know how they did. It’s possible to leave feedback on their website - - if you want to praise them or leave a complain