Top student money savers

Top student money savers

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Top student money savers

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June 30, 2016 9:57 am Published by
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Whilst the academic year may have come to an end for most students, that doesn’t mean that the student lifestyle will come to an end. Money is a precious thing to us all, year round, and just because we’ve headed back home for the summer and are back in the financial safety of our family home, it doesn’t mean we suddenly have stacks of money available to spend. Whilst many students take on summer jobs, it still helps to grab a bargain or cheap deal every now and again. Spend you money in the Best Student Accommodation Leeds.

Here is our guide to the best money savers online.

Student Beans

Half discount site, half content provider, Student Beans is a hub of all things student.  It might be the most well known of student sites, but that’s because it’s the most reputable saving tips provider available. Not only does it provide tips for the latest online shopping ‘glitches’ and best promotions, but they provide members with student job advertisements and handy blog posts on money saving. An invaluable service that is already utilised by thousands of students, it’s worth following them on social media for updates on the best offers available. Easy to navigate and discover, the user-friendly website is a mecca for students looking to scower the best bargains available.

10 Ways

It might not be as in depth a source as Student Beans, but the 10 Ways Facebook page is a quick and easy follow that shoots the best deals directly into your news feed without requiring you to follow links to their website. Showcasing posts of offers,  pictures and links directly to deals, the feed provides timely and regular updates to bargains out on the web. A great and incredibly handy source, the page ensures you never miss the deal you’ve been waiting for, without having to check anywhere other than your Facebook feed. Somewhat of a work in progress, 10 Ways has a website is in the process of completion, which is expected to include money saving blog posts and more, making it more of a Student Beans competitor.

Student Money Saver

Student Money Saver is a case of a website doing exactly what it says on the tin. A a real life saver if you’re struggling to get to grips with student money saving, the website not only gives you details on freebies and promotions, but also produce articles and information on other important aspects of student life. Whether it’s problems with accommodation, bills, cooking, travel or student loans, Student Money Saver is a great tool to resource if you’re struggling with any aspect of student life.

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