The Benefits Of Renting A Smaller Student Property

The Benefits Of Renting A Smaller Student Property

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The Benefits Of Renting A Smaller Student Property

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April 11, 2018 1:28 pm Published by
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Renting a smaller property at university can definitely have its advantages. Here are the reasons we think smaller best student accommodation Leeds might be the way forward, especially if you’re looking to save money, declutter, and have more privacy…

You Could Save Money

Firstly, it might be cheaper to live in a smaller property merely because of the size. Secondly, if you live in a student house on your own or with a just a couple of other people, there won’t be as many people persuading you to go for nights out or get takeaways 4 times a week.

Looking for a 1 bed flat? Take a look at Flat 2, 246 Vinery Road, LS4 2LA.

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You Have Your Own Space

You won’t be fighting for kitchen space when you’re trying to cook or bake. It’s more likely you’ll be able to watch the TV show you want to watch in an evening. And, if you live on your own, you can relax in your own space knowing no one is going to be waking you up after a late night session in the clubs.

Here’s a 2 bed flat available this summer: Flat 2, 21 St John’s Terrace, LS3 1DY

You Can Leave Your Washing Up If You Want To

When you live with a lot of other people, there’s more pressure to clean up as soon as you’ve eaten. Mainly because the plates and cutlery would run out if no one ever did there washing up and the kitchen can soon look like a dumping ground for dirty pots and pans. When you live on your own though, there’s no rush. You can leave the washing up until the next day if you want to. The mess is all on you.

Enjoy your own space but with a bit of company in this 2 bed flat: Flat 8, v3 Victoria Terrace, LS3 1BX

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You’ve Got More Say In Your Location

Living with fewer people, in a smaller student property, means you’ve got more say in where you’re located because you don’t have to compromise with as many people. Of course, this is still limited to what the letting agent has available but overall, you’ll be able to choose the location that suits you best.

Are you looking for a 3 bed apartment? Take a look at 35 Stanmore Grove, LS4 2RJ

You Won’t Have To Wait As Long For The Bathroom

If you live on your own in a smaller student property, you won’t have to wait at all for the bathroom. And when you’re rushing for your lecture in a morning, that’s going to be worth its weight in gold.

Flat 9 , 23 Cliff Road, Design House, LS6 2ET could be your perfect 1 bed property.

Do you live in a smaller student property? What do you love about it?

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