Money Saving Travel Tips For Students

Money Saving Travel Tips For Students

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Money Saving Travel Tips For Students

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August 8, 2016 3:04 pm Published by
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With students strapped for cash due to today’s expensive cost of living at university, travelling cross-country to get home can set you back a hefty sum. There are a number of discounts and budget travel options available to students if are prepared to plan ahead and look in the right places. Here are some tips on how to generate extra savings whilst on your travels:

Advanced Bookings

Booking in advance can save you money when travelling cross-country by both train and coach. Advanced fares are available up to three months prior to travel, so if you are certain on commuting on a specific date, do your research and secure a ticket early. For longer distance journeys, advanced ticket options offer you the choice to select a cheaper open return ticket, allowing you the flexibility of returning at your preference.

Travelling Off-Peak

Combining advanced fares with travelling at off-peak times can save you even more money. Off-peak tickets are generally valid outside of rush hour times with most train operators, and at weekends and public holidays. These types of ticket are particularly effective when travelling via major cities such as London, eliminating the need for an oyster card whilst allowing you to take a seat. Booking off-peak tickets is also beneficial if you are unable to book in advance, as their price does not alter as the travel date edges closer.

16-25 Rail Offers

16 and 25 years-old or a full-time student? There are plenty of offers available to you for train and coach commuting. When travelling via train, National Rail’s 16-25 Railcard enables you to save 33% on any off-peak, advanced or standard anytime tickets. For a small fee of only £30 annually, which can be reduced by 12% with an NUS extra card, the savings will add up. Banking with Santander? Opening their student account during your university life gives you access to a four-year 16-25 railcard, saving an average of £174 annually according to

Research! and other sites provide you with a variety of guidance to receive super-cheap deals on travel. Simply conducting a little research via the website allows you to browse ongoing and exclusive offers for cross-country and city travel. further guides students in the direction of booking sites like Trainline, where they believe that booking in advance via their app or website may save you up to 43% on rail tickets.

Coach Discounts

Travelling via coach is often a second-option for students looking to commute cross-country, even though it is often significantly cheaper than using rail transportation. Megabus has become one of the leading operators in coach travel, offering services from cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and London for prices as little as £1 per ride. For those who are not prepared to travel by Megabus, National Express offer Young Person Coachcards for an annual cost of £11.50. These allow for discounts of up to 33%, similar to that of rail services.

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