Getting Ready For Fresher’s Week

Getting Ready For Fresher’s Week

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Getting Ready For Fresher’s Week

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June 28, 2016 12:09 pm Published by

Fresher’s week aka the first week of university, which can be underestimated by a lot of people, because for the majority, this week is quite understandably one of the most important weeks of your life. It’s the first week of something new and different and it can be incredibly scary. So how do you stop the daunting approach of this week?

As you know, there are so many things to carefully consider and prepare for, especially if you want to make a good first impression, which of course we all do! So, yes the first week can be intimidating but it will also be jam packed with loads of fun nights out, events and get-togethers where you get to meet new people and make new friends.

Get yourself kitted out before arriving

Make sure you pack all the essentials this includes personal items like clothes and toiletries, and it also includes things like kitchenware and stationery, you can find a lot of websites online that will give you lists of the things you need to pack. However, try not to overdo it and go too far with your packing, get a feel for your new home first and you can bring or buy other things you might need later. You eventually will start to figure the things you need to feel more settled.

One of the biggest problems you will have as a student is money. Before you start your first week, get a student bank account. Try using comparison websites to find out which bank will be best suited for you. Many banks such a Santander give you extras if you go with their student banking plan, such as a free student railcard and a generous overdraft. When choosing, make sure you keep a close eye out for scams or freebies which distract from the actual financial benefits.

Plan ahead

The thing which many students regret not doing is planning. Planning ahead can be so useful in so many ways, especially financially. Get yourself a cheap planner and use it to keep track of your budget, your meals and any other little things you might need or forget for your first week because it can save you a lot of hassle.

Of course you need to consider the social aspect of things. The first week of fresher’s will be buzzing, filled with amazing nights out. One thing you need to think about is clothes. Boy or girl this is fairly essential, because there will be opportunities to go out every night during this week and a lot of the time it’ll be themed nights so you’re going to need to bring some costumes.

Have a look in advance on your university’s website to see what themes there will be and put together some costumes. Also make sure you check all the welcome emails and any social networking to do with your university so you know what events are happening and which ones you want to attend.


Finally, and most importantly; how do you prepare mentally? Well, university is obviously a big step in your life and some people can go from being babied to being absolutely clueless. What really helps is knowing how to be independent and being comfortable with yourself because that’s who you’ll be with most of the time.

Once you know what independence really means and you’ll be able to cope a lot better. Another way to mentally prepare is to understand how to keep an open mind because ultimately that’s what growing up is all about, you have so many paths which you have the choice to follow These paths can mean the difference between a great university experience and a terrible one. So, even though it’s intimidating and different, keep an open mind and you’ll find that fresher’s week will be a lot easier than you thought.

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