Choosing a film for Halloween in Leeds this weekend

Choosing a film for Halloween in Leeds this weekend

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Choosing a film for Halloween in Leeds this weekend

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October 26, 2016 8:20 am Published by

Whether you love horror films and watch them all year or you loathe them but watch them once a year, we’ve got the perfect list of film recommendations for what to see in Leeds this Halloween:

Group night out

If you’re looking for something to do with your mates this Halloween, Vue Cinemas has the perfect potion: it’s screening the third instalment of the Blair Witch series on Halloween night itself.

The 2016 film is a sequel to the original Blair Witch Project that took the world by storm with its offbeat camerawork and pulsating horror in 1999. The new one is directed by Adam Wingard of You’re Next fame, so it promises to be a scary night to remember…or forget, for that matter.

Couples night out

In what has become a cinematic sensation in recent years, Sneaky Experience is hosting yet another film fest in Leeds this Halloween.

Before launching into a Halloween disco, it will be screening the 1973 horror classic, The Exorcist, in the atmospheric grounds of Kirkstall Abbey on Friday night.

It might not be romantic, but it will certainly be memorable if you’re looking for something to do as a couple this weekend!

Family day out

Halloween can tend to get a little more intense in its scare-factor every year, rendering many events unsuitable for kids, but fear not because Hyde Park Picture House is welcoming everyone with open arms on Saturday.

The hit children’s film, Hotel Transylvania, starring Adam Sandler, will be screened at 12pm in the traditional settings of one of the country’s greatest cinemas.

Arrive an hour early and you and the kids can partake in a Halloween-themed family workshop at 11am, too.

Group night in

If you’re looking to hang out with your mates whilst avoiding the chaos this Halloween, Netflix is the way forward.

It might not be technically described as ‘horror’, but Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror offers a pretty horrifying view of a dystopian future of humanity. The new series has just been released on Netflix in time for Halloween, so get ready to feel rather bleak about society this weekend…

Couples night in

Netflix also boasts the apocalyptic World War Z on its roster this weekend. It’s got zombies, it’s got Brad Pitt, it’s got more zombies…and more zombies…it’s pretty much 99% zombies, so it’ll get you and your partner in the mood for Halloween in no time.

Family night in

You might be after a more family-friendly film this weekend. Netflix also has that covered with none other than everyone’s favourite ogre, Shrek.

Dreamworks’ Spooky Stories are perfect for keeping kids entertained (if not mildly scared) at a time of year that often gets crazy on the streets. You can watch the escapades of Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona and Puss in Boots across three episodes this weekend.

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