Brilliantly weird things that would only happen in Leeds

Brilliantly weird things that would only happen in Leeds

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Brilliantly weird things that would only happen in Leeds

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May 9, 2016 11:08 am Published by
only in Leeds

It’s fair to say that Leeds is a pretty weird place. But that’s exactly why we love it so much. We wouldn’t change its brilliant mix of wonderfully strange folks for anything or anyone in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that would never happen anywhere else. You know you’re in Leeds when…

A wheelbarrow gets a parking fine

We’re not quite sure what the fate of this poor wheelbarrow was after this encounter with a traffic warden, but we feel its pain.

Someone takes a horse and cart through a McDonald’s drive-thru

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Let’s just go over that again: someone took a horse and cart through a McDonald’s drive-thru. That deserves a round of applause.

Tony the Tiger gets on your bus

OK, it was a onesie, but we think someone either slept in or just forgot to get changed before catching the bus that day.

A bloke wears Oreo pants

How and why do these even exist? Good taste doesn’t always mean good style, but it does mean good effort for even trying this.

Men walk half-naked down the main shopping street

Given the slightest bit of sunshine, anyone in Britain rightly digs out the t-shirt and shorts or summer dress to catch a few rays, but in Leeds, it means stripping down to bask half-naked in the sun on the high street.

A horse plays a piano in the street

Yeah, we don’t know either. There was once a day (more more) when a horse was spotted playing a piano on the high street. Maybe it was the same day as the half-naked high street sunbathers.

A man uses a pair of jeans as a dog lead

This one has been doing the rounds for a while now, but it’s too wonderfully weird to leave out of our list. This is, after all, what jeans were made for…

A man takes a ferret for a walk

…but at least he was just walking a dog with the jeans. This chap took his pet ferret out for a stroll and thought nowt of it. Good on yer, lad.

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