Alternative Leeds & Where to go for something different

Alternative Leeds & Where to go for something different

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Alternative Leeds & Where to go for something different

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July 21, 2016 9:03 am Published by
Two pints of beers

The city of Leeds is a pretty awesome place to live, but then you already knew that right? There’s a trillion and one bars and even more places to shop and eat – heck, Deliveroo will even bring you Almost Famous, The Joint and Reds right to your door.

But, if you’re one of those types that likes to wander off the beaten track, then you probably desire something a little different. Take a look at our guide to a more alternative Leeds.

Alternative bars

Formerly the rather brilliant Baby Jupiter, The White Rabbit that replaced it is equally as off the wall. Seek this bar out on York Place and you’ll enter a world that’s weirder than the Mad Hatter’s burrow featuring a cracking selection of ales.

Boasting a coffin in the basement bar, black walls and more skeletons than David Cameron’s closet, Bad Apples Rock Bar is much more goth than its Call Lane cousins. With drinks including a Planet Caravan and a Deep Purple Flirt, it’s a great place to get your rock on to music than spans death metal to the Foo Fighters.

The Shed is a rock n roll and whisky bar situated just by Mission Nightclub that’s been booming in business since 2008. Modern rock and indie is mixed up with vintage tunes from years gone by and you can expect a selection of real ales and cocktails as well as an impressive range of rare malt whiskies.

Alternative eats

Mr Nobody burst onto the Leeds dining scene back in March and has already begun to amass a cult following, thanks to its imaginative concept and menu. With its large outdoor terrace and well-stocked bar, it’s as much a bar as it is a restaurant – the non-Spanish tapas dishes includes twisted versions of mainstream food, as well as oddities such as Frogs Legs in Soy and Blackened Pineapple and Serrano Ham.

The Man Behind the Curtain is one of the cities most sought after eateries, with people booking months in advance. The weird and wonderful concoctions created by Michelin Star chef Michael O’ Hare may not be to everyone’s taste, but essential for foodies that like to experiment – jellied eels anyone?

Tired of been served bog-standard curry by the often lazy big chains? Head to Tharavadu on Mill Hill. Their traditional Keralan cuisine is as interesting as it is authentic, which is why they consistently win awards year after year.

Alternative clubs

It will come as no surprise that Rock of Ages plays a heady mixture of classic rock at their residence at The Library. Expect to hear music from Megadeath, Skid Row, Slayer and Motley Crue blasting out, as well as live bands – follow them on Facebook to get the skinny on their next event.

Also at the library is legendary Goth night, Cyanide. The post-punk and industrial playlist is complemented with some fantastic live acts such as Bad Pollyanna and decent drink offers too. For something a little less heavy, then check out Propaganda at The Attic on Great George Street. As one of the world’s biggest indie and rock n roll brands, they host weekly parties all over the UK, as well as Rio de Janeiro and Sydney.

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