6 Reasons Why RentInc Is An Award Winning Student Accommodation Agency

6 Reasons Why RentInc Is An Award Winning Student Accommodation Agency

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6 Reasons Why RentInc Is An Award Winning Student Accommodation Agency

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November 7, 2017 11:30 am Published by
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If you’re a student in Leeds, you might find it a bit overwhelming when looking for your best student accommodation Leeds. In Headingley especially, there are so many students estate agents to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start.

But, why not start with the award-winning RentInc? Over the years, we’ve won a few awards that put us ahead of the rest and here are a few reasons why we’re award-winning student accommodation in Leeds…

Great Look and Feel To The Brand

RentInc has a colourful brand, one that stands out from the crowd. That’s because we want to be set apart from all the other student accommodation in Leeds. We’re bold, we’re bright, we’re RentInc and we live and breathe that in our brand and in our office.

We’ve Worked On Building Long-Term Relationships

We don’t just want you to stay with us for one year, we want to help you find the best accommodation while you’re at university. A lot of students come back to us throughout their studies because we offer first class service and a fresh approach to student accommodation in Leeds. It’s the forward-thinking and innovative approach that keep students coming back year after year and we pride ourselves on building those long-term relationships so that you can enjoy your student accommodation.

Friends having a surprise birthday party

RentInc Are One Of The Only Places To Offer All Inclusive Accommodation

Why argue about bills and who needs to pay who for WiFi when you can live in all inclusive accommodation? RentInc are one of the only places in Leeds that provide all inclusive student housing which means all bills, including electricity, gas, water bills, internet, and content insurance is included in your rent. It means you know exactly what money you have outgoing each month so you can plan better for fun times with your friends. It’s that reason we’re thought of as being innovative in the student accommodation sector and there’s no going back.

Great Customer Service

One of the main reasons we win awards, and why we’re such a good student accommodation service to use in Leeds, is that we provide great customer service. You’ll know if you’ve come into our office that we’re a smiling bunch of people and we’re only a small team of 3 which means you get a one-to-one service. We’ll do whatever we can to find you your perfect home and explain our service to you.

There’s A 24 Hour Maintenance Team

Although we keep our houses in tip top condition, you never know when something might happen. That’s why our maintenance team are on hand 24/7 for any urgent household needs you might have. No other company in Leeds has their own official maintenance team like we do so you can rest assured if something does happen, we’re there for you.

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No Admin Fees

Admin fees are something no one wants to waste their money on. That’s why RentInc has no admin fees so you can spend your money on the things that are more useful or more fun!

Have you used RentInc before? Let us know your thoughts and if you need help finding your student home for next year!

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